Berco Talent School Graduation

Berco Talent School Certificate Graduation 2021

This year again several students obtained their certificate at the Talent School of Berco Truck Components.

Berco believes it is important to work on its social impact in the local community. That is why we offer young people with an interest in our field the opportunity to participate in our Talent School.

In groups of 5 to 8, the students get to know our company and processes during 8 weeks. In the first week they start with an explanation of Berco Truck Components and the various workplaces. This way the students know what they are going to be part of and what their piece of production means for the rest of the company. In the 2nd to the 7th week, each student works in multiple workplaces. The work leader is responsible to guide the students at their workplaces. After 8 weeks an evaluation is done and the program will be completed with the parents of the students at Berco.

The students  receive a certificate of completion and we celebrate this with some drinks and bites. By organizing such programs with local schools in our industry, our Talent School contributes to help young people develop their skills and talents. New talent is important for our future!

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