Berco Truck Components is a supplier of bed systems and other interior parts to the European truck industry. We have been a solid partner for our customers for many years. We listen carefully and take the lead in the development of new products. We produce according to the highest automotive standards and supply our products worldwide.

Berco’s home base is located in Schijndel, the Netherlands. Both our development and production departments are located on one central location. This combination ensures that products and processes can be continuously improved. Our central location ensures us of a strong accessibility to our customers and our suppliers. BTC’s subsidiary Berco Revest Car (BRC) supplies our products to the South American market from Brazil.

BTC develops all its products from start to finish. Our competencies include concept design and engineering, but we also have much more to offer such as an extensive testing department. We guarantee the quality of our products and those of our suppliers.

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Our goal is to have a social impact in the local community. We are committed to enabling everyone’s talent to develop themselves. We do this by offering people with hidden talents a position in our company.

We believe that encouraging each other brings out the best in everyone.

We offer meaningful and challenging work at every level.

We also ensure that we celebrate our accomplishments together so every employee recognizes the results of their input and the teamwork that was required to achieve the target.




Berco - Automated Factory Foam Processing Cutting Production Machines

By developing long-term relationships within our organization and with our partners, we build the future together.

We do this by investing in our people. For example, we have a talent school where Berco employees can follow training and courses and where, in collaboration with schools in the region, we offer internship opportunities and extra-curricular learning.

In Schijndel we have a beautiful location with expansion options. In 2018 we were able to build our fifth building, which focuses on new developments in order to prepare ourselves for future challenges and opportunities.




Berco - Talent School Education & Development

We challenge ourselves to remain competitive and present innovations through major and minor improvements.

We innovate daily in every aspect of business operations, from the first sketch in our research and design department to the final product in the assembly halls. By doing this, we acquire new techniques to be self-sufficient. In addition to designing and producing products for our customers, we also work on Berco initiated developments in order to serve the market in an innovative way. We present these products to our customers in our future room.



Berco - DAF Truck Cupholder Transport Protection Quality Assurance

With an organized working method, we take great responsibility to perform at a consistently high level.  As a leading OEM supplier, we have an organized working method and take responsibility for our work. This allows us to perform at a consistently high level. This has been proven by receiving the supplier master award from our largest customer DAF.

We say what we do and we do what we say. We are building a network that is STIP, or has the potential to become one with our support. This network includes our long-standing customers, suppliers, educational institutions and our colleagues.

BRC and bti

Berco Revest Car BRC Brazil Logo

Founded in 2013, Berco Revest Car is a subsidiary of BTC and its Brazilian partner Revest Car. BRC focuses on the growing South American market with the aim of producing locally. Development programs are supported by Berco.

BRC has its own production facility in São Paulo and supplies to multiple customers such as Mercedes Benz, Scania and DAF.

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Berco also exports products to the North American market to customers such as Peterbilt and Kenworth. Especially for these products and all other future developments for the North American market we established B.T.I.; Berco Truck International.

The products and projects are developed and produced from Schijndel, the Netherlands.


Berco has several facilities, each of which is designed in such a way that we can deliver a very high level of quality. There are, for example, a series of tailor-made ergonomic workstations and automated quality controls. Our highly varied and automated machine park carries out various production steps, such as cutting textiles, cutting and gluing mattresses, and drilling profiles.

As an example, Berco started setting up its own foam cutting line for the production of our mattresses in 2018. The second cutting line is now in place, allowing us to fulfill the wishes of our customers and accomplish our environmental targets.

See below a few examples of our production facilities.

testing and validation

Berco has its own testing department to check and guarantee the quality and lifespan of current and new products. By doing this we can control our own quality output, that of our suppliers, and make life easier for customers during new product development.

See below a few examples of the various possibilities we can offer to our customers.


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Berco - Truck Components Paccar SPM Master Quality Award Celebration

DAF SPM Master award

Since 2018

DAF recognizes its best-performing suppliers in its Supplier Performance Management (SPM) program, which started in 2018. Suppliers can earn the SPM status of Achiever, Leader, or Master with excellent performance.

PSO level 3

Since 2016

Berco Truck Components B.V. offers quality employment to people who are distant to the current labor market and preferably collaborates with organizations that do likewise or aspire to do so.

Paccar 10ppm award

Annually since 2015

PACCAR annually recognizes suppliers who meet or exceed PACCAR's stringent "10 PPM" quality standard. This equates to 10 defective parts for every million components shipped to PACCAR.

WSD Innovation award

Since 2016

WSD stimulates innovations in the field of working with people at a distance from the labor market.

quality certificates





BTC ISO 14001

ISO 14001

BRC ISO14001

ISO 14001





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