Berco treasures CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and implements this on a wide production level. Part of our employees have a certain distance to the labor market for various reasons. 

Berco is organized in such a way, that everyone can contribute and add value to the process. Special tools and assembly processes are designed and created by Berco employees, all work is clearly explained and some supervisors ensure that everyone feels comfortable at Berco.

Berco embraces this form of CSR. We share our knowledge by organizing meetings and tours for other Dutch entrepreneurs and explain how they can adapt their working environment to facilitate this special and great workforce. The foundation “Aan het werk” has been established especially for this purpose.

Berco - Factory Production Process Social Responsibility


The performance ladder for social entrepreneurship is a scientifically based measurement and registration instrument, as well as a TNO (applied scientific research) quality mark, that provides insight into the extent to which organizations do more than average social entrepreneurship, aimed at the labor participation of vulnerable groups in the labor market.

Since April 1st, 2018, Berco has been annually recertified as a level 3 certified company. Companies with level 3 certification are among the leaders in terms of the scope of employment offered to the social target group.

The quality mark shows that Berco supports people with a vulnerable labor market position and offers them a place in their own business operations.

Berco - PSO Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen Ladder 3 Certificaat Logo


Berco offers students from various levels a good and safe workplace that matches their education level and needs. In combination with the project “Boris” our practical trainers coach and guide students directly on the workplace. By providing them the opportunity to develop, we insure ourselves of new future potential.

We are very proud to be acknowledged as a trustworthy training company and to have received this title.

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sustainable entrepreneurship

By doing business sustainably, we make Berco future-proof and we take our social responsibility. We focus on creating values and norms that raise awareness in environmental, economic, and social areas. It is an ongoing process that we will continue to work on now and in the future.

For example, all of our factories are equipped with LED lighting and a majority of the roofs are equipped with solar panels. We also attempt to reduce residual flows as much as possible and encourage the reuse of materials where possible.

See right / below an example of how 2 of our buildings are fully equipped with self-generated electricity.

Berco - Factory Solar Panels Top View Environment Eco Friendly Durability


Berco - Aerial Factory Buildings Map Schijndel

Berco currently has 5 production facilities located in Schijndel, the Netherlands. The production of car carpets is located in Berco 1.
Berco 2, 3, 4 and 5 provide many trucks with sleeping and storage systems every day.

In Berco 5, our Research and Design Center, we have bundled various disciplines for the development and test validation of future products. At Berco 5 we concentrate our efforts on the development of new series products and new production lines so that we may guarantee the future of our company.

ECA group

Berco is part of the ECA group. See more associated companies below.

BERCO history

  • 2018

    Start of production IVECO Trucks

  • 2018

    Establishment of BTI (Berco Truck International), start of production Peterbilt

  • 2017

    start of construction Berco 5, Research and Design Center, expansion of production facilities

  • 2014

    Start of construction Berco 4, expansion of Scania production

  • 2013

    Foundation joint venture BRC (Berco Revest Car) Brazil

  • 2011

    Start of production Daimler Trucks (Mercedes Benz)

  • 2009

    Start of construction Berco 3

  • 2007

    Change of structure; Berco Holding - BCC (Berco Car Carpets) - BTC (Berco Truck Components)

  • 2005

    Start of construction Berco 2, expansion of production DAF Trucks

  • 1996

    Start of production DAF Trucks

  • 1992

    Start of construction Berco 1 - relocation to Schijndel - name changed to Berco B.V.

  • 1987

    Start production of Scania Trucks

  • 1977

    Acquisition by the Christiaen family, Assenede, Belgium

  • 1963

    Start of production DAF car seats and door covers

  • 1955

    Start of production car seat covers

  • 1949

    Establishment of Van den Bergh - production of car carpets

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