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The start in automotive interior

BERCO, founded in 1949, is part of the ECA-group and is Europe's leading company for the design, development and production of car carpets and truck interiors, operating from its own purpose built factory and offices in Schijndel.

BERCO develops and produces exclusively for the automotive industry, supplying only automotive vehicle manufacturers. A continuous strive for an optimal partnership with both customers and suppliers gives BERCO a unique status. This guarantees the conception of the best solutions and products. The growth of the organization is the best reflection of its success, where within the last 5 years the facilities for Production, Research & Development have doubled in size. Berco's central location in Western Europe also gives a head start in technology and knowledge where products, production tools and personnel are concerned.

Berco is an affiliated company of the ECA-group: ECA Belgium / TISCOTEX Belgium / I.M. KELLY United Kingdom / BRC Brazil

BERCO takes care of the total logistics of its products, including the management of TIER2 suppliers. For our customers we strive to be more a partner than only a supplier; with this philosophy and product range, our ambition is to offer our customers real "value for money".

P.O. Box 262
5480 AG Schijndel
The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)73 5494444
Fax +31(0)73 5494400
K.v.K. Oost-Brabant nr. 16024140